Suzuki Training – Ninefold Ensemble.

The Ninefold Ensemble is an experiment in sustained actor training. We continue to train weekly you can follow us on Facebook @ Ninefold Ensemble

Spring training sessions now open.

Since 2012  the Ninefold Ensemble have trained together in The Suzuki Method of Actor Training, created by world-renowned theatre director Tadashi Suzuki.

Suzuki Training 2014


Ninefolds ongoing work aims to understand how the philosophies and principles of the highly rigorous Suzuki Method of Actor Training speak to the theatre making and rehearsal process. Focused on qualities of stillness, energy and breath. The Suzuki Method can often be misunderstood as mere physical or movement training. However, its true beauty lies in its work with the imagination, and the artist learning to manage their invisible body: that is their breath, their states of energy and their stillness.The ensemble is led by Shy Magsalin, a Sydney-based director, actor and member of the International Suzuki Company of Toga in Japan.


In 2014 they performed Macbeth: Nine Scenes Rehearsed, selected scenes from Shakespeares play examined, rehearsed, and performed through the lens of this training.

Original Ensemble Erica J Brennan, David Buckley, Kate Cooper, Fiona Green, Grant Moxom and Gideon Payten-Griffiths. 


In 2016 they presented the critically acclaimed ‘Tragedy of Antigone’ wich was awarded The Buzz from Sydney’s top nods in the same year. Best Director: Shy Magsalin, Best Female Actor: Erica J Brennan, and Best Production.

Ensemble 2016:  Aslam Abdus-samad, Bodelle de Ronde, Dave Buckley, Erica J Brennan, Gideon Payten Griffiths, Kiki Skountzos, Pollyanna Nowicki, Scott Parker, Victoria Greiner.




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