The Tragedy of Antigone.

WINNER BEST FEMALE ACTOR Erica J Brennan (The Buzz from Sydney)

‘Erica J Brennan as Antigone is remarkable. Every moment is believable, powerful and consuming. Her commitment to the character physically and emotionally is gripping. The love for her brother is palpable and her despair filled the entire room.’ Talking Arts

‘Leading lady Erica J Brennan is full of passion. Attacking her role with impressive accuracy and tremendous focus, the actor’s tough presence provides a remarkable soulfulness to a heroine who is staunch and courageous in constitution.’  Suzee Goes See

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METAFOUR -Four short Plays by Samuel Beckett

IMG_1282This Is Not Mills and Boon.

‘At the heart of This is Not Mills and Boon is great writing by Erica Brennan about a great writer, Sue (writing as Nikki Sex) and the wonderfully supportive creatives around them who want to encourage all of us to read, read, read!’

Lisa Thatcher,

‘The comedy of the play is non-stop. Cat Martin as Sol’s mother has an endless supply of double entendres that she uses liberally and they never fail to amuse. ‘

Joy Minter, The Buzz From Sydney

And Now To Bed.

‘The girl is funny, taking her audience on a vulnerable roller coaster ride of self discovery and declaration of peace with one’s self. Brennan was beautifully unapologetic and bold in sharing her experience. No doubt an influential performance.’

Theatre Unzipped

‘…a gem and the belle of the ball. Brennan is luminous and whether the humour is hers, Langham’s, or a hybrid of met minds, it’s quirky and compelling.’

Syke On Stage

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Macbeth: 9 Scenes Rehearsed

‘Macbeth: 9 Scenes Rehearsed consists of scenes chosen from the play’s twenty odd scenes, and there’s an interesting focus on the sisters. They’re played with an extraordinary presence by Erica J Brennan, Kate Cooper and Fiona Green. This production is described as “an experiment in the application of the Suzuki Method of Actor Training.” This method has a strong focus on disciplined physical training. Its impact on the presentation of the weird sisters is to give them a reality that, for the first time, helped me understand their purpose in the play.’

Veronica Kaye, Theatre Red


 A Feat Incomplete

‘However, Brennan’s theatrical work harkens back to early twentieth century modernism. She uses the stage to blend reality with her psyche and create a show that is abstract, surreal and absurd.’

Luke Cox, Alt Media

‘A Feat Incomplete is brave in its conscious resistance against conventions of storytelling. This is a risky undertaking that can easily lead to an overly alienating experience, but both artists give performances that fascinate and intrigue.’

Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See


 Timon of Athens

‘an accessible and relevant show with a modern twist.’

Suzanne Rath, Sydney Arts Guide

‘It was like we’re not going to worry about whether it’s relevant, whether it’s going to sell, we’re not going to worry about promoting ourselves to anybody, this is just for us, and so we tried to base the whole experience on this gift giving idea, we were going to do a single performance in Lucy’s backyard and invite all our friends and do a gift exchange in order to get them in,’

Dave Drayton, The Music


 In The Slaughterhouse of Love: Romeo and Juliet

‘this production is exuberantly physical and engaging, and inspired by the work of a thirteenth century poet.’

Milly Caffery, Alt Media

‘From the raw and fresh spin on an old story to the amazing ensemble cast, this is truly theatre not to be missed.’

Lewis Scamozzi, The Second Shelf

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