Ile and Moondirt – This Hour

A Beautiful fragmented script by David Finnigan explored from every angle. Still in development

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This Hour is a collaborative partnership between Erica J Brennan and Lucy Watson Ile and Moondirt was one of the more significant achievements. It has taken part in two developments (The Vacant Room and The Space Program @ PACT) in order to create an interactive installation performance of fantastical proportions. Current plans are on hold as funding is discussed.

ILE AND MOONDIRT by David Finnigan – Five creatures departed from the city of Bilennium on a mission into the mountains. Two survivors (pharmacist Ile and blues-singer Moondirt) begin the journey home through the frozen peaks and ravines, carrying the proof of their successful achievement. As the play begins, Ile and Moondirt are halfway up a steep cliff-face when they realise that the sun has set and night is falling fast. Rather than risk their lives climbing in the dark, the pair decide to tie themselves to the cliff wall and wait out the hours until it is light again. As the darkness grows, the pair begin to hear sounds that suggest their victory was not as complete as they had hoped.

Associate Artists: Nick Atkins, Rachel Roberts, Max Paul, Patrick MacCoy.

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