This Is Not Mills And Boon Freshworks Season


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The Old 505 Theater,

Surry Hills, 

June 23rd-28th 2015.

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Programmed as part of The Old 505’s  ‘Fresh Works’ season for new and experimental work

‘This Is Not Mills And Boon‘ is Ericas second play. A domestic drama about a mother and her son, a father and his daughter and some fictitious Sex Gods. The play follows the romance of Abby and Sol as they struggle with sexual incompatibility. Abby works with her dad, Abe, who adores her and hates Sol. Which is understandable because Sol writes porn with his mother, Mary. The relationship drama is contrasted by some explosively sexy erotica stories, fit for your wildest imagination.


Inspierd by the work of Best Selling Author Nikki Sex written with great pleasure by Erica J Brennan.

Director: Richard Hilliar

Dramaturge: Steve McCall

With: Emma Chelsey, Cat Martin, Dominic McDonald, Diego AR Melo.

Designer: Ash Bell

Lighting Designer: Liam O’Keefe

Stage Manager: Amy Green

Brennan would like to acknowledge the work of the following actors who have aided the development of the script. Victor Kalka, Heath Ivey-Law, Brendan Layton,Emilia Stubbs Grigoriou, Gerogina Neville, Nicole Wineberg, Jordan Keyes-Liley, Diego AR Melo, Gertraud Ingeborg, Lynden Jones, Bodelle De Ronde, Aslam Abdus Samad, Pollyanna Nowicki.


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