photo by Pollyanna Nowicki



Welcome to this website and online portfolio. I am thrilled you found your way here. If you are looking for something in particular use the menu bar at the top to navigate or if you want to know more about an artistic statement and identity read on…



photo by Stephen Godfrey


I am Erica J Brennan, a writer of contemporary plays, an experimental director and a highly specialised physical theatre actor. I have eight years of experience and an exciting body of work created under this presenting name, Glorious Thing Theatre Co. (GTTC). GTTC is driven by an insatiable curiosity about the body’s role in the creation of meaning and how to create lived experiences for the audience that teaches empathy and radical thinking. GTTC seeks to build a future where theatre is undeniably theatrical and accessible, while contributing to an environment where artists feel cherished, useful and connected on a global scale.



photo by Lucy Watson


Glorious Thing Theatre Co. offers theatre that is intelligent, quirky, unashamedly stylized and mesmerising to witness. Audience members are enticed by GTTC’s playful, cheeky and whimsical exterior that houses it’s profound and provocative observations about the nature of humanity. Audiences return the Glorious Thing for its rapid fire humour and its vibrant theatrical renderings of fantastical scenarios. GTTC’s experimental approach to storytelling provokes nothing more lethal than a meaningful reflection within the consciousness of its audience; reflection that can last for a day, a week or a year after the event.  Audiences seek out GTTC’s work for theatre that is self-aware and alert to their mood and needs. The collaborative nature of the work seems palpable to an audience, reminding them that they are always welcome and safe in witnessing that which unfolds before them.

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